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How do I create an Event?

Step 1: Go to the home page.

Step 2: Click icon   on the top right of your Facebook.

Step 3: Click Events on the left on your page.

Step 4: Click Create and choose Create Private Events or Public Events.

  • If you choose Create Private Event, you’ll fill all information in the form: Event photo, Event Name, Location, Date/ Time, and Then click Create Private Event.

  • If you choose Create Public Event, you’ll fill all information in the form: Host, Event photo, Event Name, Location, Stat, End, Description, Keywords, Ticket URL, and Co - hosts. Then click Create.

How do I invite people in my event?

Step 1: Go to your Event.

Step 2: Click Invite in the upper right, which is below Event Photo.

Step 3: Choose Invite Facebook Friends or Invite by Text or Email.

  • If you choose Invite Facebook Friends, you’ll check the circle in the right of friend name, then Send Invites.

  • If you choose Invite by Text or Email, you’ll Search for people by name, email address or phone number. Then check the circle in the right of friend name, then click Send Invites.

How do I send a message to my event guest list?

If you’re a host of a private event, you can send a massage to your event guests list. To send a massage:

Step 1: Go to your event.

Step 2: Click Message Guests on the right side.

Step 3: Select guests you want to send message. Then write message and Send.

How do I change the name of my event?

To change the name of your event:

Step 1: Go to your event.

Step 2: Click Edit in the right of event photo.

Step 3: Select Event Name and type the name.

Step 4: Click Save.

How do I add  photos and videos to my event?

Step 1: Go to your event.

Step 2: Click Add Photo/ Video to the event as below.

Step 3: Choose Photo/Video on your computer.

Note: You add more than one photo or video: Add photos and videos to your post, Tag people in your post, Add what you’re doing and how you’re feeling, Check in.

Step 4: Click Post.


How do I delete my event?

Step 1: Go to your event.

Step 2: Click Edit in the right of event photo.

Step 3: Select Cancel Event in the left under the form.

Step 4: Choose Cancel Event or Delete Event.

Step 5: Click Confirm.


How do I reply an event invitation?

  • If that even is a Private Event, you can choose Going or Maybe or Can’t Go.

  • If it is a Public Event, you can choose Interestedor Going or Ignore.

How do I turn off notification on the  event I joined?

Step 1: Go to event you joined.

Step 2: Click icon … in the right event photo.

Step 3: Select Notification Settings.

Step 4: Click Off and Done.

How many people can I invite to my event?

An event with a quite large guest list is often reported as spam; thus, we should limit the number of people up to 500 guests.

If you send invitation to a large number of friends but they don’t reply, your number of invitations will be limited for the short time. If you already have a maximum guests invited, you still can  share with other people about your even, as follows.

  • Private events: you can allow your invited guests to invite their friends to your event. You can also add a co-host who can send invites to more guests.
  • Public events: you can share the event on your Timeline or your page Timeline.

How can I add more hosts in my event?

Only an event host can add more hosts to his/her event. To add a host, let’s follow these below steps.

Step 1: Click Edit in the right of event.

Step 2: Then add name to the co-host file.

Step 3: Click Save.

How do I remove people from my event?

A host can remove any of invited guests in his/her event.

  • In the right of event, click Going,Maybe or Invited.
  • Search for the persons you want remove, click Xnext to their name.

Note: People don’t receive a notification that they have been removed. They will no longer get any messages or notifications from that event.


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